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Our Story

At a small jazz club on the main strip in Georgetown (Washington DC) two musicians would meet for the first time. Unbeknownst to one of them, who was scheduled to perform later that evening, the club owner had booked another group to perform during the late afternoon. After getting over the initial confusion of what was going on, he began to listen. Being a saxophonist, he immediately focused his attention on the fellow saxophonist on stage. Once the group finished their set, he approached the sax player. “Hey man, you sound good! Have you ever thought about teaching private lessons?” Thankfully the sax playing stranger said “Yeah, I’d be interested in that.” This was the beginning of a musical connection that would end up teaching, gigging, collaborating and just hanging out together.

Though their friendship never ended throughout relocations and ‘life’ in general, they would only stay in touch infrequently. During the shutdown of the ‘World’ due to COVID-19 a phone call from Teddy to Terry would change everything for the duo. He suggested they rekindle their co-writing of music as they had done earlier in their friendship. More than excited and pleased to hear the proposal Terry enthusiastically agreed to “putting the band back together”.


At present, after honing their skills using digital and virtual recording techniques the pair have created quite a library of musical compositions. The release of two EPs as 2 Nice Guys: Relationship Matters and It’s That Time of Year  is only the beginning. Look out for new music and projects by these two longtime friends.

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