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Why We Do That Sh#*&t We Do

Havens are often looked at as a place of safety and peace of mind. The only safety we provide as 2 Nice Guys Productions is to safely be our genuine selves creatively and personally in all that we do. We will always be unapologetically true and clear to our creative spirit and to those who partner with us. Doing that thing you do is first and foremost in our vision. Our goal is to not only utilize the tried and true but to allow the untapped creativity hidden in our souls to release itself free from any constraints.

Why we do what we do should not be the question. Why wouldn’t we do what we do? Creativity is job #1. The Why of a mission is often measured by the final outcome. Our Why is to be creative in all that we do with no boundaries or ending to the process. The Why of our connection has never been questioned or doubted. Why will only be answered with each accomplishment and failure. That will always be our strength of conviction and purpose.

Living in our present world can be challenging. With our musical creations, we want listeners to hear life and all it brings from unique and contemplative angles. We want people to be changed for the better after experiencing our songs.

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