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2 Nice Guys Music

Relationship Matters EP

2 Nice Guys’ Eclectic & Soulful New EP


By Bob Smith/January 27, 2023

2 Nice Guys is the descriptive professional name of songwriting & production duo, Teddy Burgh and Terry Thompson. The two friends are veteran musicians with over forty years each in the business. At Teddy’s suggestion, the pair recently rekindled their decades-old musical partnership.

In addition to working as songwriters and producers, 2 Nice Guys are both educators. However, music plays an integral part in each of their day-jobs as well. Among other creative projects, Terry Thompson is a music instructor in Alexandria, VA. Teddy Burgh is a professor of archeology in North Carolina, with a particularly cool focus on archaeomusicology, the study of music in cultures from antiquity. 

Inspired by fifty years of popular music, their sound is a smooth mix of pop, soul, r&b and jazz. The pair cites a long list of influences from across the musical spectrum. Jazz greats like Cannonball Adderley and Charlie Parker, pop/rock legends like The Beatles and Prince, and iconic music producers like Quincy Jones and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, all helped inspire the duo’s approach to making music. When they reunited they found they still had the spark that made them a great team.

"Our collaboration goes beyond what is spoken. One can feel those unspoken expressions in our compositions.”

Teddy Burgh 2 Nice Guys

Relationship Matters is the debut EP from 2 Nice Guys, available worldwide via all major streaming services. The five-song collection opens with the lo-fi retro r&b/pop of “But I”. Analog synths ride a funky piano groove as the singer delivers a soulful and defiant relationship post-mortem. Next, the record drops some strong Sade vibes on the sultry electric-piano and saxophone slow jam “Stay”. 

“Gigolo” introduces some latin jazz flare, with an infectious samba rhythm. Piano, strings, bass, drums, flute and sax all contribute to the song’s smoky late night intrigue. Anna Moore smolders on the mic as she delivers a cool and cautionary tale. The emotional piano & vocal ballad “Rain” follows. Ambient synths and pizzicato strings paint the edges of the mix on this heartbreaker of a torch song.

The EP closer “Way Back When” is a real highpoint. The beautifully quirky little tune wraps elements of dream-pop, lo-fi and trap around a groovy jazz riff. It’s a cool and eclectic track that sums up the 2 Nice Guys sound perfectly.

Check out Relationship Matters in its entirety below, or listen on your favorite streaming service. You can also hear the song “Way Back When” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist and “But I” on the Deep Indie Beat. Follow the links below to connect with 2 Nice Guys. Get on their socials and get in the loop on all of the music to come from this talented team.

It’s That Time of Year EP

Christmas EP from 2 Nice Guys

Finally! A fresh take on Christmas music! The relatable lyrics speak to our thoughts and situations during the Christmas holidays. The music fuses jazz and pop vibes into a new holiday classic sound.


“Jing Jingle Lee Jingle” is effervescent! Syncopated rhythm weaves together jazzy vocals with a funky music bed. Wonderful! “Hey December” captures the sadness many of us grapple with dealing with holiday cheer during loss. So honest and gently stated. “Starting At Christmas Time” is a nod to new beginnings—upbeat and encouraging.

“Christmas Will Be Different This Year” is a new holiday anthem declaring, “I’m going to change the atmosphere! I’m never going to take this time for granted again.” Now THAT’S the spirit of the season!

Two Nice Guys are a winning team, poised to lead us in a much-needed new direction in holiday music. Bravo!

Jacci Thompson-Dodd


'I believe that the 2 Nice Guys have created some future Christmas Classics with these tracks. Although I like all of the tracks, my particular favorites are ‘Christmas Will Be Different This Year’ with its pleasing melody and reflective lyrics, and ’Starting At Christmas Time’ with the soulful singing and performance. I can also hear ‘Jing Jingle Lee Jingle’ being a popular track and instant classic.  This will definitely put the listener in the Christmas spirit!"-

Jawanza Kobie

Composer, Musician, Educator.

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